Gina Tonic is a freelance journalist and editor who has worked as a writer professionally for over five years.

Gina Tonic is a creative freelance culture journalist based in Manchester, but originally from the Valleys in South Wales. Originally Gina Jones, she decided to update her name to match her favourite bev and all her bylines can be found under the moniker Gina Tonic.


She champions a feminist perspective in her work and has been writing professionally for over six years, undertaking interviews, features and personal essays in topics including sex, body image, art, fashion and culture. 

As well as writing, Gina Tonic has been a collaborator and editor at Polyester Zine for the past four years. Her work as an editor and curator has led to the creation of her own publication The Fat Zine, co-founded with photographer Chloe Sheppard. She also works as the sex and relationships editor for The Breakdown.

She was also recently profiled as "the writer and editor empowering a generation of fat babes." The interview with Tonic can be read here.

To contact Gina about potential commissions, you can contact her here.

Images by Megan Winstone for It's Nice That.

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