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Gina Tonic is a culture and sex writer from South Wales who has been named “the writer and editor empowering a generation of fat babes” by Dazed Beauty. She was also named as a part of Generation Change by MTV.


Holding the role of Senior Editor and podcast host at Polyester Zine, Gina records and commissions weekly content focusing on cultural critique and internet discourse through a feminist lens. Her work has led her to interview Chappell Roan, Gemma Collins, Juno Birch, CupCakKe, Chloe Cherry and more.

Her work as an editor and curator has led to the creation of her own publication The Fat Zine, which has had two sold out print runs and has had press coverage in i-D, Dazed, Vogue and Glamour.

Gina has a passion for inclusivity, her own generous rack and lemon desserts, and is currently working on her first book.

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Left image by Mitchell Severs, right image from campaign for Dr. Martens.

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Gina Tonic

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