Gina Tonic is a freelance journalist and editor who has worked as a writer professionally for over five years.

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Polyester is a self published, intersectional feminist arts and culture publication that I have contributed to for over four years. In 2016 I stepped up to online editor and oversaw Polyester's social media and blog, curating and commissioning pieces on a bi-weekly basis. During that time, I also helped with brand collaborations including Converse and Nike, as well as working on Polyester events and parties. 

Coming back to Polyester earlier this year, I have helped to launch the membership platform The Polyester Dollhouse and am now the acting Digital Editor for Polyester. This work has included editing, curating, writing and brand collaborations with Doc Martens, Bloomsbury and more. Some of my most recent bylines at Polyester include:

Juno Birch Phones Home

JIMBO's Guide to Life

How Can We Flourish? A Conversation Between Raveena and Annahstasia

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A publication by fat people, for fat people and those that care, The Fat Zine was co-founded in the spring of 2020 by Gina Tonic and Chloe Sheppard. Curated and edited by the pair, all profits from issue one were donated to BLM charities and causes. The publication includes one hundred pages of illustration, photography, creative writing, interviews and essays. The Fat Zine issue one sold out twice with over one thousand copies printed total.

As well as the first issue, The Fat Zine has sold postcards to raise money for food banks, hosted online events and has merch on sale currently to raise funds for issue too. The Fat Zine website has a blog that is updated weekly with extra content on fat issues and experiences.

We recently curated a 2021 calendar that focuses on fat representation the whole year round. It is available to buy here and we were interviewed by Dazed Beauty on the project here. Issue two will also be available to purchase on 14th March.


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Following The Breakdown's launch in December 2020, the mental health and wellbeing site has seen itself blow up as an incredible resource for both lighthearted and in depth looks at mental health topics. I first signed on to The Breakdown as sex and relationships editor and now also help to head up the food and drink vertical too. As well as editing, I also write often for the site. Here are a selection of some of my bylines on The Breakdown:

Why We Need More Fat Mentally Ill Characters on TV

How My Eating Disorder Affects My Sex Life

People Open Up On How Kink Helps Their Mental Health