Gina Tonic is a freelance journalist and editor who has worked as a writer professionally for over five years.

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I have been very lucky to work across a number of prestigious publications. The below bylines are a selection of some of my most recent work.

Barbican                                Cosmopolitan UK

Crack Magazine                    Dazed & Confused

Huck Magazine                     i-D

The Independent                  It's Nice That

Little White Lies                    Metro

Polyester Zine                      Refinery29 UK

ShowStudio                          Stylist

Vice                                      Xtra

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Conducting interviews with those who inspire me has always been one of my favourite aspects of being a journalist. Below are some of my best interviewed features.

Anna BillerPolyester Zine

Bailey Sarian, Dazed Beauty

Biqtch Puddin, i-D

Courtney Trouble, Vice

Cupcakke, Polyester Zine

Gemma Collins, Polyester Zine

Ginny Lemon, Polyester Zine

Jamie Campbell, i-D

Jay Krakower, The Fat Zine

JIMBO, Polyester Zine

Juno Birch, Polyester Zine

Lauren Crow, Dazed & Confused

Maisie CousinsCrack Magazine